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Body Scrub,Body Scrubs All Natural, Salt Scrub Coconut, Salt Scrub

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Buff away dead skin to reveal a fresh, shiny new layer of skin with this gentle scrub. # Fresh Lemon Body Scrub made with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Brighten up a gloomy day with Roxy Grace's #Fresh Body Scrub! Thanks to our all-natural essential oils, this refreshing lemon salt body scrub helps to relieve stress, respiratory issues, and support your immune system in order to keep you happy and healthy! Made only with the finest all-natural ingredients and featuring organic coconut oil, this luscious scrub is designed to exfoliate dead skin while still moisturizing and soothing, resulting in your softest, smoothest, and most nourished skin ever. With 8 Ounces of goodness at your fingertips, you'll be shining as bright as the midday sun in no time!